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rmit_nas_2.jpg 'Urban Melbourne' review


RMIT NAS gets some air on 'Urban Melbourne' blog.

read about the New Academic Street on our website

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The RMIT University New Academic Street project has been picked up by Laurance Dragomir of the 'Urban Melbourne' blog which outlines how the disruption to classes will be managed and describes how the project will open up the university to Swanston Street.

Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW and Peter Maddison, the new staircase is due to finish in 2015.

Urban Melbourne re-reviews New Academic Street (NAS)


Urban Melbourne publishes a glowing review of RMIT New Academic Street.

read about the New Academic Street on our website

read the blog post

Designed by some of the biggest names in the industry including MvS Architects, Lyons, and NMBW, the NAS project extends across Swanston, Franklin and Bowen Street as 5 separate projections.

RMIT has sunk $220 million into their most recent renovation and the results have paid off, vastly improving the private/public relationship in buildings 8, 10, 12, 14 and 28.

The project focuses on RMIT's relationship with the CBD, and looks to blur the lines of exclusivity through increasing pedestrian flow and allowing more natural light into a previously monolithic exterior.

sani3.jpg Urban Design Conference Australia


SGS Economics & Planning presented the community building work we've been doing with them in St Arnaud

read about the project here

“Regional towns are in constant competition for visitors, and to attract and retain skilled, permanent populations. This project took an unconventional approach to Civic Precinct planning in the rural town of St Arnaud, embedding a multidisciplinary team in the town to tease out local narratives and use creative intervention as a catalyst for further action.”

Over the past nine months, SGS Economics & Planning, Maudie Palmer AO and MvS have been working on a new precinct plan for the old gold mining town of St Arnaud. Our works to date were presented last week by Mitra Anderson-Oliver and Dr Marcus Spiller at the 7th International Urban Design Conference in Adelaide.

Two New Sugar Stations
17th August 2008

Minifie van Schaik to design Sugar Station Northlands and Sugar Station Chadstone.

See the Sugar Station Southland kiosk

On the back of the success of the Southland Sugar Station island kiosk, Minifie van Schaik has been commissioned to re-design the 40m2 Sugar Station flagship store at Northlands shopping centre, and a new 24m2 island kiosk at Chadstone chopping centre.

The Northlands design has been aproved, and construction starts on 11th August.

Construction starts in Chadstone later this year.

The public life of a private home


Director of Regional Arts Victoria reviews Jan, Stefano and Donata's public talk

read about the Wattle Avenue House on our website
Read the review on

Esther Anatolitis, Director of Regional Arts Victoria, has reviewed the energetic discussion between Jan van Schaik and clients Donata Carrazza and Stefano de Pieri for

“When is a private building a public building? Is it when its architectural boldness invites a public response? When some or all of its spaces welcome public interaction? Or when its owners are public figures?…For Stefano, Mildura is a significant and unique cultural centre – a leader and a catalyst. For his home, Jan has designed a forceful, practical and evocative space, around whose tables any contemporary Deakin would be inspired to hatch ambitious new plots.”

Image- Jonathan Butler

The Orthodoxy of Place with Jan van Schaik


Jan van Schaik selected as keynote speaker for the Castlemaine State Festival

read about the symposium here

Jan van Schaik presented a paper questioning the orthodoxy of 'place' as the primary driver of the human interface of urbanism at the Terrains of Memory symposium as part of the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

The theme for this years festival was “Before and Beyond”, engaging with the moments in time which form intersections between the past and the present. Terrains of Memory explores how artists are able to intersect narrative and identity within regional landscapes.


The Keys to Mildura
10th June 2010

Minifie van Schaik re-thinks Mildura's architectural image for “Emoh Ruo, GLOBAL PRACTICES OF AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE”

View the project on our website
London Festival of Architecture website
Emoh Ruo website
Facebook event

Emoh Ruo ('Our Home' backwards) is an international traveling exhibition and publication. Presented by the Australian High Commission London and curated be Cameron Bruhn of Architecture Media. Six architectural firms were given a brief to rethink the mechanisms through which a city presents itself to the world through architecture, of which Minifie van Schaik's “Keys to Mildura” is one

Our scheme proposes four instances each of which is designed as a spark within the urban context of Mildura. Collectively these act as a masterplan but are small enough to for them to be kick-started without massive funding initiatives. The Rural City Retreat, The Orchard Seam, The Sports Spine and The Jolly Billabong were all chosen to bring to the foreground elements within Mildura which are highly successful yet are not strongly linked to its reputation.


“The Home Within”: Panel Discussion with Anaïs Lellouche, Larissa Hjorth and Jan van Schaik


As part of the upcoming Melbourne Festival and the MPavilion public programs, Jan van Schaik will be contributing to a panel discussing “The Home Within” by Chiharu Shiota.

The large scale installation will be traveling to different venues in the city, with the panel discussion focusing on further exploration of Chiharu's work, the notion of home, and the relationship between public and private space.

The talk will take place 6pm Thursday 13th October at the MPavilion, and will also feature Anaïs Lellouche and Larissa Hjorth. This discussion is part of the visual arts program at the Melbourne Festival and the public programs at MPavilion, organised by Anabelle Lacroix.

For more details see the the Melbourne Festival website

Alice Smith School published in Architecture Australia


The Alice Smith School by iPartnership.LCW + MvS Architects has been reviewed by Dr Victoria Ng from Taylors University the June 2015 issue of Architecture Australia.

Read about the Alice Smith School on our website

The Alice Smith School has again found itself in the limelight with renowned national magazine Architecture Australia publishing a 6-page spread. The review gives some background into the history of Mrs Alice Fairfield-Smith herself, as well as the building's positive relation to its surrounds. In particular, the author of the article Dr Veronica Ng, discusses the architects interests in making use of Malaysia's current construction technologies in inventive ways.

Photo by H. Lin Ho


The grey fortress has been breached!


Ray Edgar reviews New Academic Street

The article published on July 21 2017, reviews the final chapter in the long history of the built infrastructure of RMIT University's city campus.

Likening the old buildings to a citadel, which has now been stormed, with holes punched through its fortress walls, opening the building to the street, and making the campus more transparent. Edgar describes the architectural collaboration as a landmark exercise in adaptive reuse, where the modernist grey ghosts have not only been preserved, but reincarnated for 21st-century university life.

Read the full article on the SMH website
Details of the project on our website

Photograph by Nik Pantazopoulos

The Future is Here


MvS Exhibits 'Penumbra - A Facade Concept Protoype'
In Collaboration with Richard Blythe and Nick Williams

read about the project on our website
read about the exhibition

As an extension of our entry for the 'House of Fairytales,' Penumbra explores the design and fabrication of an active building skin system.

The exhibition is free and open untill the 11.10.2014.

Building 100, Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets

Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 12pm – 5pm

The Diplomat, The Artist and The Suit


Jan van Schaik interviewed for ABC documentary on Denton Corker Marshall.

The hour long documentary showcases the architectural genius of internationally renowned design firm Denton Corker Marshall.

Jan's expert knowledge was sought in putting together the documentary which explores the individual characteristics and creative relationships of the firms founders Bill Corker, Barrie Marshall and John Denton; and how tripartite architectural skills and collaborative design approaches contribute to the design of iconic and industry leading buildings all over the world.

Click here for a preview of the documentary

Click here to watch the documentary in full

The Curator and MvS Architects


Jan van Schaik and Natasha Bullock discuss the architectural reconfiguration of the Franco and Amina Belgionro-Nettis and Family Contemporary Galleries for “We used to talk about love” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

watch the video here
read about the exhibition on the AGNSW website

MvS Architects collaborated with Natasha Bullock to redesign the gallery spaces to take the viewer on an emotional journey of mystery, discovery, pressure and release. The journey is manifest in a series of interlinked rooms and corridors with new walls soaring high into the galleries coffered ceilings while compressed spaces are relieved by glimpses to the subsequent rooms. The collaboration has enabled the curatorial spread and the architecture to jointly provide a platform for seeing the artworks in a new way.

Curated by Bullock, the exhibition includes photography, photomedia, video, collage, sculpture and installation with works by Polly Borland (USA/Aus), Eliza Hutchison (Vic), Paul Knight (UK/Aus), Angelica Mesiti (France/Aus), David Noonan (UK/Aus), David Rosetzky (Vic), Darren Sylvester (Vic), Tim Silver (NSW), Glenn Sloggett (Vic), Grant Stevens (QLD) and Justene Williams (NSW).

The exhibition is open until the 21st of April 2013

Free admission

The Curated Space - Presentation at Heide, Museum of Modern Art


Jan van Schaik Presenting at Heide

On Saturday the 31th of October at 2pm, Jan van Schaik will be exploring the ideas and relationships that link human beings and the space which they inhabit with an engaging and insightful presentation at the Heide. Specifically he will share his understanding and interest in the relationship between the ideas of 'home' or 'city' and the curated space of a gallery, with examples of how this has influenced recent works of MvS Architects.

Entry to the presentation is FREE with admission to Heide.

For Further Information on both the upcoming presentations and Heide please click this link

Image credited to Heide Museum of Modern Art

theconservation.jpg MvS featured on “The Conversation”


“The Conversation” writes up Augmented Australia headlining our redesign of the Sydney Opera house - our little dragon is getting quite a bit of traction…

read online


The best public architecture in Victoria this year


Francesca Wallace's online article published on May 30 for Vogue showcases 'the best of the best' public architecture in Victoria this year.

Wallace has rounded up the best of two categories—public and small project architecture—for the grandest, most beautiful projects the state has seen in 2018.

New Academic Street, RMIT University by Lyons with NMBW Architecture Studio, Harrison and White, MvS Architects and Maddison Architects which has been short-listed for the annual Victorian Architecture Awards features prominently in the article.

Read the full article on Vogue's website
Details of the project on our website

Photograph by Peter Bennetts

MvS Augments Australia


'The Augmented Australia App Launched'

read online

“The Australian Institute of Architects this week unveiled the new Augmented Australia app, the engine of the Australian exhibition at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.” As a pilot for the Venice Biennale, users will be able to experience 2 of the 22 projects available, including our own take on Jorn Utzon's Sydney Opera House, 'Caught unawares.'

Download Augmented Australia for free from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
Further instructions on how to use the app can be found here

The Age reviews The Premier's Design Award
21st September 2012

read about the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre on our website
read about the Australian Wildlife Health Centre on our website

Ray Edgar reviews the Melbourne Design Awards and the Premier's Design Award which was awarded the Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Centre which we designed for Melbourne Water.

“The difference with the Premier's Design Awards is that they are outside the the profession from the “highest office in the state”…..from 13 disparate finalists Minifie van Schaik took home the Premiers Design Award for the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre. Its the second time the 10-year-old architectural practice has won the coveted prize. In 2008 it received a Premiere's Design Award for “cultural architecture” for its Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healeseville Sanctuary”

The Age Good Food Guide Awards
5th August 2008

Jan van Schaik to chair two juries at 2008 Age Good Food Guide Awards

The Age Newspaper

John Lethlean has again invited Jan van Schaik to chair a jury comprising of Peter Stratton of the Lyceum Club and Crispin Blackall, Head of Telstra New Technologies to judge The Best New Restaurant Website as part of the Age Good Food Guide Awards.

But wait, there's more! This year a new award has been added to acknowledge the role of design in the culinary experience. Jan will chair a a jury comprising of Cameron Bruhn, editor Artichoke magazine and Frank van Haandel to judge an award for The Best New Restaurant Interior.

The awards will be announced at the launch of The 2008 Age Good Food Guide on August 25th 2008 at the Malthouse Theatre.

Alice Smith School JB Wins GOLD


Alice Smith School's Dining hall and One Stop Centre wins category Gold, and a top 3 position nation-wide.

The Alice Smith School Dining hall and One Stop Centre has recently won the Gold Medal in its category, and was voted in the top three of best building's in Malaysia at the Malaysian Institute of Architects awards last night.

The newly constructed Dining hall and One Stop Centre at the Primary campus were given the top award. The school also came in the top three in the the broader architectural category of the best Malaysian Architecture of 2015.

Super Yacht City underway
2nd Februray 2011

Minifie van Schaik has begun work on the masterplan for a residential and marina development at the mouth of the Tanghe river in Qinhuangdao. Located within the Qinhuangdao Economic & Technology Development Zone, the project will include two million square metres of residential property, a cultura centre, a luxury cruise terminal, fifty thousand square metres of retail, a winter garden mall and a one thousand berth marina. The masterplan works are being undertaken in conjunction with Terroir and RMIT University.

Super Yacht City submitted for Stage Two planning approval
15th May 2011

See the project on our website

Minifie van Schaik has designed a Super Yacht City in Qinhuangdao which has now been submitted for Stage Two planning approval.

The project is a two million square metre luxury residential and marina development in China's ultimate summer holiday destination a mere forty minutes fast train ride due east of Beijing.

supertablenews.jpg Super Table


We've added a page on our website documenting Super Table in her beautiful new home:

read more about the project on our website

This luscious solid lumber ellipsoid timber table, held up by 5 decorative art deco-esque steel legs, is made from solid laminated European Pine and sealed with a satin finish. The super ellipse shape allows for six people to be generously seated without any one person separated from another by a corner.

Photo by Peter Bennetts

Sugar Station Southern Cross re-opens
3rd December 2010

see the sugar station stores on our website
visit the Sugar Station website

This store is the original of the Sugar Station confectionary chain - and its engine. Originally fitted out by others it slowly deteriorated through high use while the other stores benefitted from the Minifie van Schaik bespoke design suite. Its new lease of life brings it in line with the rest of the chain. A second store in the same station is planned for the upper concourse level - opening soon.

Sugar Station Highpoint
29th July 2011

visit the Sugar Station website see the sugar station stores on our website

A new kiosk is High Point Shopping Centre is the latest in an array of tenancies that Minifie van Schaik have designed for this ever expanding confectionary kiosk. Our design foregrounds and lights the vast array of colourful confectionary on a collection of white joinery units with luscious curved Corian edges, glazed shelves, LED lights and lolly-shaped super graphics.

Sugar Station Elizabeth Street
30th August 2010

see the sugar station stores on our website
visit the Sugar Station website

The Elizabeth Street store for Sugar Station has now openend for trading. This is the chain's largest store and is located directly in the path of morning and evening commuter foot-traffic. We have designed the store's front window as a cabinet-of-curiosities of confectionary beneath the store's glowing coloured acrylic letters backlit from within.

Star Voyager named a finalist in the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards

MvS Architects design for “Star Voyager - Exploring Space on Screen” has been named one of the 5 finalists for the Melbourne Design Awards in the category “Installation Design - Exhibit”.

Public voting is now open on the Melbourne Design Awards website and will close on 11th of September.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 19 September 2012 in conjunction with the announcement of the Premiers Design Awards.

“Star Voyager - Exploring Space on Screen” opens at ACMI
22nd September 2011

read about the exhibition on the ACMI website
See the project on our website

“Star Voyager” explores the relationshop between space exploration and its representation on screen. Our design of the display of this large collection of objects and footage draws explicitly from the motifs of space: a project room is clad in Lunar Landing Module gold foil, a series of smaller objects are displayed in an 'asteroid belt', a series of films and objects are arranged in a false perspective space corridor and a collection of space suits is choreographed to mimic a famous scene from film on the space race. The exhibition was launched at ACMI last night to a full house by astronaut Rex Walheim and remains open until the 29th January 2012. Photo by Mark Gambino

St Arnaud Street Museum wins Award


We are proud to announce that the St Arnaud Street Museum wins a government Award!

The St Arnaud Street Museum has been award a highly commended in ‘Arts Animates – excellence in community engagement and participation’ in the National Awards for Local Government

For further information please see the Northern Grampians Shire Council website

st-arnaud-street-museum797-photo-by-jacqueline-mittelman-sm.jpg St Arnaud Street Museum launched!


The St Arnaud Street Museum is set to make waves this year with “Watertable” by James Geurts - the Street Museum is comprised of nine street-front exhibition spaces in to which this single work in nine parts has been curated.

The museum is the first of its kind in Victoria, and is a part of the St Arnaud Civic Precinct Plan commissioned by the Northern Grampians Shire and developed by MvS Architects with SGS Economics and Planning and Maudie Palmer AO.

“Watertable”, which will be on display in store windows across the town from January to March 2015, is the creation of James Geurts who resided in St. Arnaud from September to December 2014 as part of the St Arnaud Street Museum's Artist in Residence program.

Image by Jacqueline Mittelman

Alice Smith School features on ArchDaily


Leading International architecture website ArchDaily publishes the award winning Alice Smith School

Read about the Alice Smith School on our website
Read the article here

Internationally renowned architecture website ArchDaily has featured the Alice Smith School by iPartnership.LCW + MvS Architects on their page, detailing the symbolism behind the building, the functionality, and the aesthetic. The Alice Smith School won a Malaysian Institute of Architects Gold Award this year and it is very exciting to see the project receiving further recognition.

Photo by H. Lin Ho


st_arnaud_street_museum.jpg St Arnaud in the lifestyle pages!


Read about the St Arnaud Street Museum and all the people involved in bringing it together.

read the article here on The Age website

read about James Guerts and Watertable here

St Arnaud has taken the first step in its revitalisation with the recently opened street museum bringing new life into the main street of the town. The town is focusing its energy on promoting local artists and talent, highlighting the importance of regional art in the area.

Under the joint guidance of Maudie Palmer AO, architect Jan van Schaik, and urban planner Mitra Anderson-Oliver, as well as local business owners and residents, the street museum has been a resounding success in drawing the public eye to St Arnaud and the work of resident artist James Geurts which is featured in shop fronts throughout the town.

The surge of activity in the area will continue with the renewal of a local hotel, a new restaurant, and an upgrade to the town hall which will include exhibition and studio space, alongside the artist-in-residence program.

Photo by Jan van Schaik

“SPECULATIONS: Betting on Architecture” - PROCESS speaker series


On Monday 2nd October, Jan, Leon, Anna and Mon delve in to robust discourse and fervent SPECULATIONS as they unpack the concept of 'betting on architecture'.

Speakers will rethink and retool normative understandings on the city, its economies, policies, procurement models and architectural outputs. Making proposals is certainly no ‘safe’ nor neutral practice, having seen the risks of projecting utopian ideals into reality. Yet today, provocation is both a business model and a format to explore unchartered territories. Where does that leave us? When design, money and time pressures run high, how does one decide between a ‘good bet’ and a ‘gamble’?

In an age of relentless entrepreneurship, risk-aversion, multinationals and mass-media advocacy, architects and designers navigate multifaceted parameters, looking for contingencies and overlooked moments that belie our architectural landscape. Speakers will explore the machine behind and between the ideas; the moment of calculation before rolling the dice; the speculative faculties behind the decision-making impulse, and what opportunity for innovation and reward lie on the horizon.

Jan van Schaik - MvS Architects, WRITING & CONCEPTS, RMIT University.
Leon van Schaik - RMIT University.
Anna Fairbank - Architect + Artist.
Monique Woodward - WOWOWA.

When: Monday, October 2 at 6:30pm

Where: Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place Melbourne

For more details view the Process facebook event
For more information about the series and the speakers, head to the Process facebook page

Image credit: Process


Sites offering Aussie farms to camp out


Jonathan Pearlman reviews the latest disruption to the travel industry in Australia, where farmers rent out underutilised portions of their land to holidaymakers - such as MvS Architects' Shacky's.

Shacky, enables farmers to offer tiny houses on remote properties to holidaymakers. The houses, which offer a stylish and comfortable experience for two people, come with towels, linen and other creature comforts. To facilitate JOMO (the loy of missing out) they have no Wi-Fi and often no phone reception. For a contracted period, Shacky carefully sites and installs tiny houses on idyllic agrarian land, farmers manage the day to running of the holiday offer, and the profits are shared equally. For guests, Shacky offers relief from the stresses of every day life, and gives farmers the opportunity to activate the capital value tied up in their land. Shacky plans to have an array of these tiny houses up and running by the middle of next year.

Read the full article on the Straits Times website
For more information and bookings, head to Shacky's website
Read about Shacky on our website

Photograph courtesy: Shacky


Shepparton Art Museum foundation announces a $1 Million donation to the new SAM project.


The feasibility study compiled in early 2015, by Simon McArthur Associates, MvS Architects and Maudie Palmer AO, shows that a new Shepparton Art Museum has the potential to reshape the economy of Shepparton and establish it as a regional hub for the arts, and in particular Indigenous art.

The new structure will aim to showcase much of the museums collection which has not been sown in public, giving the collection and permanent home on display.

The donation is very exciting and it will be used along side the $10 Million committed by both the Local council and State Government. A further $10 Million has been requested from the Federal Government’s National Stronger Regions Fund.

For Further information see the SAM website

Shepparton Art Museum


Simon McArthur & Associates and MvS to undertake feasibility study of a new Sheparton Art Museum

read about the project here

We are proud to announce that MvS have been selected to undertake a feasibility study for a possible new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM). MvS is working with Simon Mcarthur & associates to determine and assess the options for a new SAM.

“The business planning components of the overall study will provide advice about the substance, governance and form of a possible new SAM and its intended and potential impact in the region.”

The study will give insight to a new SAM's capacity, as a major cultural and educational tourist attraction, to drive forward an arts led economic and social growth for the region, greatly improving perceptions of Greater Shepparton as a place to visit, live and invest.

Shanghai Design Biennale
7th August 2008

Minifie Nixon invited to attend Shanghai Design Biennale.

The Shanghai Design Biennale 2008

The Department of Innovation Industry and Regional Development has invited Minifie Nixon to join an Industry Capability Mission to the Shanghai Design Biennale in September 2008.

Shanghai Design Biennale is seen as an important lead-up to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, where Victoria plans to have its own exhibition space.

Participation at the Biennale will expand Minifie Nixon's masterplanning and design competition portfolio in region.


Shacky bookings now open to the public!


This unique getaway, designed by MvS Architects and nestled within a beautiful olive grove in north-eastern Victoria, is now open for bookings from the public.

Combining the natural beauty of Australian landscapes with unparalleled comfort, Shacky breathes fresh air into how you experience nature for a true getaway.

For more details and how to book visit the Shacky website

Image Courtesy: Shacky

24th July 2012

Jan van Schaik in conversation with Jill Garner

Semi-detached: Writing, Representation and Criticism in Architecture is a new book, edited by Dr Naomi Stead, about the role of words and images in architecture.

Incorporating contributions from some of Australia’s most highly regarded academics, architects, critics, writers, artists and photographers, Semi-detached reconsiders how architecture has been traditionally represented and critiqued, and the means by which those conventions might be productively challenged.
Scandinavian Freestyle


A stylish new entry lobby space has been designed for the Hero Apartments by MvS Architects and Fiona Abicare in association.

read more about the project on our website

Constructed in 1954, the former Russell Street Telephone Exchange & Post Office designed by the Commonwealth Department of Works is a unique multi-storey CBD building; the first to be completed after WW11 and the last to express the architectural traditions of solid masonry.

Influenced by European Modernism, in particular the Amsterdam School and Scandinavian Freestyle Classicism, the interlocking unadorned mass of cream-brick features in its 2001 re-development -Hero Apartments by Nonda Katsalidis Architects - via intersecting interior vertical planes, structural plates, and green columns.

'Scandinavian Freestyle' develops a language of materiality in relation to the formal qualities and associated styles present within the foyers’ interior. The project developed through a process of removing temporary structures, fixtures and adorning features. Through this process the foyer is activated by natural light and the spatial and material interconnectivities of its original forms. Objects were designed to enhance aesthetic experiences and for specific functions: seating and mail retrieval, while drapery, upholstery and artwork also present a functionality.

An emphasis on the ‘complete interior’ describes the process and project’s ambitions: to develop relations between art, décor, interior architecture and utility objects and present artistic material, configured in relationship to surrounding context and history.

Photograph by Peter Bennetts


Sacred Spaces - RMIT New Academic Street goes to air


In case you missed it, Channel 31's Sacred Spaces featured RMIT's New Academic Street.

Sacred Spaces examines architecture, urban design and planning by talking to the architects in the projects they've designed. In this episode watch Sacred Spaces explore the inner workings of this two year project and uncover the many place-makings it has to offer to heighten the student experience.

The New Academic Street (NAS) project transforms the heart of the RMIT University City campus providing students with a progressive, innovative and futuristic learning style and environment.

Interview panel:
Professor Peter Coloe – RMIT Pro Vice Chancellor of Science Engineering and Health
Jeremey Elia – RMIT Associate Director Reporting and Compliance Property Service
Carey Lyon – Director of Lyons Architecture
Ben Brown – Project Manager Lendlease
Marcus Bailey – Project Director DCWC

Incase you missed it on Channel 31, here is the link to view the Sacred Spaces episode featuring NAS
Details of the project on our website

Image courtesy of Sacred Spaces

Alice Smith Before & After


Top: Digital Representation, Bottom: Photograph

read about the project on our website

Two years since it's conception, the Alice Smith JB primary school cafeteria and parents facility is on the brink of completion and is set to open in the first semester 2015.


Rural galleries seek 'the Bendigo effect' as architects tackle 'threshold fear'


An interesting perspective on regional galleries from Ray Edgar.

The article by Ray Edgar which was published in The Age newspaper on March 17 2017, talks about the challenge to make our regional galleries more welcoming. The article was in response to the concept designs for the new SAM design competition.

MvS Architects were involved in establishing the feasibility of a new SAM, and then shortlisted to develop a concept design along with four other firms.

Jan is quoted in the article, saying that “there is a tendency for regional galleries to be perceived as community centres for rich people,”. “But that's starting to change.” Regional galleries are now recognised as potential community hubs, while local councils harbour ambitions to emulate “The Bendigo Effect”.

Read the full article on The Age website

Image: MvS Architects' proposal for SAM.


RMIT New Academic Street shortlisted for the 2018 National Australian Architecture Awards


RMIT New Academic Street has been shortlisted for the Australian Institute of Architecture 2018 National Australian Architecture Awards in four categories.

The project has been shortlisted in four categories including Educational Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Design and Sustainable Architecture.

The public will get the chance to vote for the People's Choice Award from this year's shortlist starting October 1, and the winners will be announced during the National Architecture Awards ceremony in Melbourne on November 1.

View the article and full list of awards on the Architecture AU website
Also read about the awards in The Urban Developer's article here
Read about the awards in Archinect's news here
Details of the project on our website

Image courtesy AIA



RMIT NAS featured in 'Occupied'


Occupied is a showcase of local and international practitioners which explores their ideas of housing more with less, retrofitting, adapting and repurposing existing structures and environments. The work ranges from the pragmatic to the utopian, the research-driven to the purely speculative, Occupied anticipates the critical design approaches, ideas and strategies of the imminent future.

Exhibitors include: 5th Studio, all(zone), Ash Keating, Atlanta Eke, Baracco + Wright Architects, Black Kosloff Knott Architects and Monash Arts Projects (MAP), Breathe Architecture, Callum Morton and Toby Reed, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism & MAIO, Flores & Prats Architects, Jack Self, Lacaton & Vassal and Frédéric Druot Architecture, Liam Young, Lyons Architecture, Harrison and White, Maddison Architects, MvS Architects, NMBW Architecture Studio, MAPA, Office for Political Innovation, Otherothers, Spacemarket, Stefano Boeri Studio with The Blink Fish, TOMA!, Vokes and Peters. Supershared is created by Jacqui Alexander and SIBLING.

Occupied is curated by Grace Mortlock, David Neustein, Fleur Watson.

Where: RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Project Rooms 1, 2 & 3, Level 2 & 3, Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets, Carlton, 3053, Entry to Design Hub Project Rooms via forecourt and lifts

When: 29th of July - 24th of September, 2016

Open Times: Tuesdays – Fridays 11am – 6pm, Saturdays 12pm – 5pm

For more details see the the Design Hub Website Read about the RMIT NAS Project on our website


RMIT NAS celebrated at the 2018 Victorian Architecture Awards


The Australian Institute of Architects announced the winners of the 2018 Victorian Architecture Awards at its annual awards night on Friday 29th June and RMIT University's New Academic Street project was the most celebrated project of the night.

The project, designed by MvS Architects in collaboration with Lyons, NMBW Architecture Studio, Harrison and White and Maddison Architects won the coveted Victorian Architecture Medal, as well as the top prizes in the Urban Design and Educational Architecture categories and awards for Interior Architecture, Sustainable Architecture and the Melbourne Prize.

Winners will progress to the National Architecture Awards, to be announced in November.

View the article and full list of awards on the Architecture AU website
Also read about the awards in Tim Dodd's article for The Australian here
Details of the project on our website

Image courtesy Peter Bennetts

QSYC display suite by MvS
1st October 2011

read about the Super Yacht City project on our website

Minifie van Schaik has been engaged by the Shengjing group and RMIT University to design a 5,000m2 display suite at Qinhangdao Super Yacht City. The display suite will be the mechanism through which the client sells apartments and yachts and will double as an information centre for the entire development. The display centre includes a dry dock, 50 berths, two display apartments, a theaterette, kitchens, sales offices, function rooms, a model display area and a yacht service centre
Public Presentation at AIA awards


On March 24th Jan van Schaik and Fiona Abicare will present Scandinavian Freestyle to the Juries of the Australian Institute of Architects awards.

read more about the project on our website
Saturday presentation timetable
Sunday presentation timetable

This year 240 entries will be presented across a two day program. Each presentation will run for 8 minutes with a 2 minute opportunity for Q + A. The event is open to the public and will be held at MADA, Monash Art Design and Architecture Building G at the Monash University Caulfield Campus.

Scandinavian Freestyle is entered into 2 categories - Interior architecture which is scheduled for 1:15pm in studio 6 and Small project architecture which will be presented in studio 3 at 1:30pm.

The event provides to the public a good opportunity to learn about new projects being completed by Victoria's top architects and also provides the public an insight into how architects present their work to their peers.

Photograph by Peter Bennetts



'PROCESS' explores the notion of collaboration


On Monday the 6th of June at Loop Projects Space and Bar, Process Loop investigated the notion of 'collaboration' and the three main types of working relationships that are the new normal and asked: how do collaborations happen? On what scale do they happen? And do too many cooks spoil the broth?

Adam Pustola x Nigel Bertram presented the RMIT New Academic Street Project project - a collaboration between Lyons, MvS Architects, MNBW, Harrison & White and Peter Maddison providing a new student experience over multiple buildings and functions in the university's city campus.

Read about the project on our website

Image credited to Process Loop

Premier's Design Award
18th July 2008

Minifie Nixon wins Premier's Design Award For Cultural Architecture.
See our project
State of Design Festival
The Australian Wildlife Centre website

Review: Architecture Australia

Minifie Nixon's Australian Wildlife Centre at Healesville Sanctuary was awarded the Premier's Design Award for Cultural Architecture at the opening of the State of Design Festival on Wednesday 16th July.

Judge’s Comment:
“This is an outstanding example of design innovation in the area of complex geometries/mathematics and architecture that has been effective in delivering excellent outcomes for the client.”

Practice Research Floor Talks by Jan van Schaik and Georgia McCorkill


This week features two PRS floor talks by PhD candidates Jan van Schaik (13/06/15 & 16/06/15) and Georgia McCorkill (17/06/15)

read more about the PRS here

Jan van Schaik will lead a floor talk examining an experimental design practice that incorporates nine sub-practices: design through explicit re-working of the propositions of other architects; design through less explicit re-working; design through implicit reference to everyday objects; design through intuition and explicit strategy; design through chunking and interrupting chunking; design through a deliberate pursuit of discomfort; design through abrogation of the author; advocacy as a design process; and a practice titled ‘fake-it until you make-it’.

In this talk van Schaik will explain how a community of peers can have an influence over a creative practice without direct contact; how even the most random and unrelated events are an integral part of the creative process, and how to become aware of this phenomenon without dismantling it; and and the complexity of claim of ownership legitimacy.

Georgia McCorkill looks to discuss the creative practices behind the award winning special occasion dresses, and how the aspects of sustainability coincides with the context of 'one-off' design, while acknowledging the socially-grounded potential of these dresses. McCorkill will look at the relationship between the sustainability ideal and the poetic impulses of fashion design.

Jan van Schaik will present on Saturday the 13th and Tuesday the 16th of June at 12:30pm, and Georgia McCorkill will present on Wednesday the 17th of June at 2:00pm. Both Practice Research Floor Talks will be held in in Project Rooms 1 & 2, Level 2 of the Design Hub at RMIT University.

Photo by Ramesh Ayyar

Paul Minifie to Chair Jury


Paul Minifie has been selected as Chair juror of the Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions category at this years Australian Institute of Architects awards

Saturday presentation timetable
Sunday presentation timetable

Paul will be joined by Simon Thorton (Simon and Feda Thornton Architects) and Sheree Proposch (Bates Smart) to review 26 projects in the Residential Alterations and Additions category.
The presentations are open to the public and will be held at Monash University Caulfield Campus on the 23rd and 24th of March.
In 2012 our project, Wattle Avenue House won the AIA Victorian award for Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions.

Alice Smith EP All Grown Up


The Alice Smith EP secondary school admin building begins to emerge from it's temporary scaffold skin as the project nears completion.

Paul Minifie presents at St Lucas Graduate Research Conference in Ghent
20th November 2011

read about Graduate Reasearch Conferences on the RMIT website

Paul Minifie will present excerpts from his PHD “Design Domains - Their relations and transformations as revealed through the practice of Paul Minifie” and will outline how the the reflective practice PHD is manifest in the work of the practice.

Paul Minifie presents at LSAA Conference
13th October 2011

read about the project on the LSAA website
read about the project on our website

Paul Minifie will unpack the design process behind the tensile structure, based on a triply periodic minimal surface, at this years Lightweight Structures Association of Australia at Olympic Park, Sydney. Photo by Peter Bennets


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