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Paul Minifie presents at 'Design IS Research'


Design is Research 2014 Lecture series, presented by the Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University

Campus Map

Please join Paul Minifie Thursday, July 17 from 6:30pm at the 'Design IS Research 2014' lecture series.
The event is free, however, registration is preferred. To register please follow this link

Architecture School Forum, Building 3B
Bond University, University Drive, Robina QLD 4229

Paul Minifie awarded PHD
1st November 2010

Paul Minifie has been awarded a Dr of Philosophy from the School of Architecture & Design at RMIT University for his work entitled “Design Domains - Their relations and transformations as revealed through the practice of Paul Minifie” The PHD includes a written dissertation, an exhibition and a verbal presentation. A durable visual record of the doctorate is available at the RMIT University library

Outside Interests


Wattle Avenue House featured in “Living by Design”

read the text from the article here
read about the Wattle Avenue House on our website

Zinta Heard discusses the qualities of Wattle Avenue House in the cover story of the most recent issue of The Age Newspaper's Living by Design magazine.

“The centre of the house has an exquisite, intimate courtyard…Wonderful colour, a fashionable pattern and the blue sky above; stunning in its simplicity”

photo by Kristian Haggblom

Out From Under
5th March 2007
Australian Architecture Now
San Francisco, AIA, March 8-April 27, 2007
Hong Kong, Feb 2008
Shanghai (details TBA)
Kuala Lumpur (details TBA)

Young Australian architects are establishing unique new trajectories in design that combine innovative material and spatial research with high quality building. At the core of this new generation of Australian designers is the emergence of an urban sensibility and an evolution beyond the rural mythology of past generations, while maintaining a strong relationship to the outdoors. OUT FROM UNDER: Australian Architecture Now highlights this vibrant design culture and showcases the responses young Australian practices are applying to a new and innovative range of materials and practices.

The exhibition includes work by the following practitices: Terroir/NSW and TAS, Tony Owen, Dale Jones Evans, McBride Charles Ryan (MCR), Neeson Murcutt Architects, Chenchow Little Architects, Sean Godsell, John Wardle Architects, Kerstin Thompson Architects, Chris Bosse of PTW Architects, Gary Marinko, Staughton Architects, m3architecture, Offshorestudio, Andrew Burges Architects, and Minifie Nixon Architects.

Curator: Anthony Burke, Senior Lecturer and Director, Masters of Digital Architecture, University of Technology, Sydney
Our student's work on the front cover of Financial Review magazine
9th June 2011

read the Magazine online

A project for the urban expansion of Lianyungang designed to cope with future changes is sea level has beeb published on the front cover of the Financial Review magazine. The project is part of the World Architecture Workshop which we have been running since 2003 with RMIT University, ENSAM, the Miyagi University and Tohoku University. This year the workshop was held in Lianyungang wich is planing a population expansion of thirty million people over the next fifteen years


Open House Melbourne – see inside New Academic Street, RMIT University


As part of the 2017 Open House Melbourne Weekend, RMIT Universities New Academic Street will be open to the public. Join us on an architectural tour and learn about how the built environment and urban planning initiatives and issues influence our culture and shape our future.

The New Academic Street project has recently transformed the heart of the RMIT University city campus, creating new facilities to deliver better services for students. The project boasts the design prowess of five separate architecture firms, including, MvS Architects, Lyons, NMBW Architects, Harrison and White, and Maddison Architects.

Open: Sat 29 July, 10am - 4pm - Booking required for this building

What's Open: RMIT NAS Precinct which includes buildings 8,10,12, and 14 - Levels 2 through 7 (includes levels 2 through 13 for Building 10)

Tour Type: Self-guided and guided

To read more and book, visit the Open House Melbourne website
Details of the project on our website

Image courtesy: Open House

Old Mildura Base Hospital
7th June 2010

read the story in the local newspaper

Our RMIT University masters of architecture students are hoping to find a design based solution to the problem of what to do with the Old Mildura Base Hospital, a significant Art Deco building in the Mildura CBD. The building is a significan cultural asset, with a heritage listing, but the absence of a cohesive and compelling idea about how to re-use it has meant that it has been abandoned for the past ten years.

Nite Art 2013


As part of Nite Art 2013, Jan van Schaik and artist Fiona Abicare will present our project Scandinavian Freestyle in a special public opening.

read more about the project on our website
visit the Nite Art website

Nite Art 2013 is a new art event and digital platform for Melbourne. For the first time on one night, Melburnians can experience simultaneous gallery openings and art walks across 21 well-known, cutting edge and experimental gallery and artist run spaces in the CBD and North Melbourne.

Scandinavian Freestyle was commissioned for the Hero Apartments in association with Fiona Abicare. Scandinavian Freestyle develops a language of materiality in response to the formal qualities and associated styles present within the foyer's interior. An emphasis on the ‘complete interior’ describes the process and project’s ambitions: to develop relations between art, décor, interior architecture and utility objects and present artistic material, configured in relationship to surrounding context and history.

Nite art is running on Wednesday July 24th from 6pm.
Scandinavian Freestyle will be open to the public between 6-10 pm. 118 Russell St, Melbourne

Photograph by Peter Bennetts

Alice Smith AA article can now be viewed on-line


The recently published article, Learning with Attitude: The Alice Smith School, by Architecture Australia can now also be viewed on-line.

The Alice Smith School by MvS Architects + iPartnership.LCW has been reviewed by Dr Victoria Ng from Taylors University for the June 2015 issue of Architecture Australia, and has been published on their website.

Click the link to read the article


Watch the construction of our design of the new RMIT Building 8 entrance!


Watch the time lapse of the entry steps under construction

watch the video here

Early works for RMIT's New Academic Street are already under way, with MvS Architects's new entry into building 8 which has reshaped how students access the building and opened up level 3 to the street scape. This is just the first step in a campus-wide revival of the existing buildings, with the goal to better integrate RMIT's Swanston Street buildings into a cohesive learning hub.

Video by Robert Morgans Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW, and Peter Maddison



New Kiosk opens in Chadstone
23rd February 2009

visit the Sugar Station website

Our latest retail kiosk for the Sugar Station confectionary chain has just opened in Chadstone. This is a key store for the chain as we rolls out the carefully branded design language across Melbourne's major retail outlets. Others are in the pipeline not far behind.


New Academic Street in Architecture Australia


The New Academic Street has been featured in Architecture Australia as a case study for how city campuses are becoming a model for urban development which seeks to re-balance private and public use.

Andrew Nimmo writes that “The city campus can be an effective agent in the process of urban change and can add to the cultural landscape of the city. In many ways it is a model for ideal urban development in which greed and self-interest give way to the higher goal of mutual benefit and a different balance between private and public use.

The New Academic Street is a collaboration between MvS Architects, Lyons, NMBW, Harrison and White, and Maddison Architects.

Read the full article “The city campus and urban agency” in the July/August edition of Architecture australia

Read more about the NAS here

RMIT's New Academic Street


“The New Academic Street project will reinvigorate and reinvent the heart of the RMIT City campus in Melbourne through a combination of renovation and new building work.”

watch the official introduction to the NAS
read more about the project on our website

New Academic Street (NAS) is an exciting combination of refurbishment and new-construction, that intends to enliven and reinvent the core of the RMIT City campus. The renovation will make permeable the existing buildings 8, 10, 12, 14 and 28 by creating public links between Swanston Street, Bowen Street and the recently completed Swanston academic Building (SAB) and Design Hub over multiple levels. The project includes improvements to the current Swanston library and upgrades to student services.

Designed in collaboration by Lyons, MvS, NMBW, HAW and Maddison Architects, the project is set to commence this year and will be completed in stages from 2015 to 2016.

news.jpg One Step Closer!


New Academic Street early works commence.

read about the New Academic Street on our website

Demolition works at RMIT have begun with the cornerstone of the New Academic Street Project, a new entry stair, set for construction. As part of the early works package, the new staircase will provide pedestrian access from Swanston Street, up to Level 3 of B8, reducing pressure on the lifts and escalators and reinvigorating the once thriving facade of building 8.

Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW and Peter Maddison, the new staircase is due to finish in early March 2015.


“Convergence-transforming our future”


MvS has been invited to exhibit as part of “Convergence: transforming out future” an upcoming exhibition curated by Fleur Watson at the RMIT Design Hub

read more about the exhibition on the RMIT Design Hub website

“Convergence is a celebratory exhibition showcasing five years of world–class excellence within the Design Research at RMIT. Encompassing three major ‘Flagship’ practice groups – Future Fabric of Cities, Nexus and Mediated Cities – the exhibition collects and reflects upon past, present and future projects that offer a cutting-edge leadership position on global design research.”

The exhibition activates 3 floors of the Design Hub. Our project 'Cloudnets' can be found on the second floor, outside the elevators.

Cloudnets is an examination of the fundamental forces that shape cities. The premise of cloudnets is that cities are driven by a desire for connectivity. The richness of urban life derives from exchanging with as many other people as possible.

The exhibition will open on Thursday the 2nd of May at 6:00 pm and will run until Friday the 24th of May.
Gallery opening times: Monday to Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm, Saturday 4th May 10.00am – 6.00pm

MvS to exhibit at the Venice Biennale 2014


MvS is very excited to once again be exhibiting at the Vennice Architecture Biennale, 'Fundamentals'.

read more about the Venice Biennale 2014 here

This year the curators of the Australian Pavilion have fashioned the theme 'Absorbing Modernity; 1914 - 2012' which is centralized on the histories and fundamentals that are responsible for the evolution of national architectures over the past 100 years.

Our work, 'Caught Unawares,' which will be exhibited alongside the works of ten other Australian architects including, Ashton Raggat McDougall, LAVA, Lyons and others, entails a formal expression of a touristic journey through some well known members of the architectural cannon.

Image: “Caught Unawares”

MvS to exhibit in “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope”


MvS had been invited to exhibit as part of “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” an upcoming exhibition at RMIT Gallery.

read more about the exhibition on the RMIT website

Using Mindcraft as a visualisation tool our project is interested in re-imagining Bruno Taut's Die Stadtkrone (The City Crown) and Corrigan's iconic Building 8 on Swanston St.

Curated by Vanessa Gerrans, the exhibition will trace the “creative focus of this remarkable Australian architect, bringing to life many of his designs over four decades including architectural models and drawings by Edmond and Corrigan; set and costume designs for theatre; artworks, records and notations from his personal collection and key works selected from public collections which have enriched his practice.”

The exhibition opens Friday 12th April and will run at the RMIT Gallery until the 8th of June

MvS to design home for Stefano de Pieri
8th May 2010

Stefano's Website

Minifie van Schaik have been engaged to design a new home for Stefano, Donata, Domenico, Claudia and Sergio. After years of living on the New South Wales banks of the Murray River in Gol Gol they are leaving the sweet song of summer's power boats for the CBD of Mildura where we will renovate a 1960's cream-bricked red-tiled house into their dream home. The new home will have a modest presence on the street but will contain four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens, three living areas and of course…..a kitchen! - all within walking distance of Stefano's cafe bakery, Stefano's restaurant and the Mildura Brewery.

MvS to design Adelaide Art Biennale 2012
18th March 2011

read the press release

Minifie van Schaik Architects have been invited by curators Alexie Glass-Kantor and Natasha Bullock to design the exhibition of works by international recocgnised Australian artists Richard Bell, Stephen Bram, Pat Brassington, Philip Brophy, Robert Cooks vs Max Pam, Timothy Cook, Daniel Crooks, Nicholas Folland, Pat Foster & Jen Berean, Marco Fusinato, Shaun Gladwell, Susan Jacobs, Jonathan Jones, Yvonne Koolmatrie, Rosemary Laing, Rob McLeish, Tom Nicholson, Philip Samartzis, Tim Silver, Ricky Swallow and Michelle Ussher.

Through the re-orientation of the hanging and display spaces of the Art Gallery of South Australia Minifie van Schaik will explore same curatorial brief being explored by the artists adding an architectural dimensions to the show, the artworks and their “Parallel Collisions.

The show opens runs from Friday 2 March to Sunday 29 April 2012 and admission is FREE.

'Act None' show at ACCA
12th March 2011

Minifie van Schaik have collaborated with Fiona Abicare on “Act None” - an installation in ACCA's annual curated show, this year entitled “New11” The piece is a mobile screen and a table covered in bespoke acrylic tiles on which a series of custom made garments are artfully draped.

2010 Beijing Architecture Biennale
8th June 2010

see our project on the biennale website

The curators of the 2010 Beijing Architecture Biennale, entitled Machinic Process, have invited Minifie van Schaik to contribute and in so demonstrate Australia's contribution to the global movement in emergent architectures. Some of our RMIT University colleagues are in the show too, as the thesis projects of a current and past staff member, respectively: Jessica In and Jennifer Wood.

10,000 room Eco Hotel
8th August 2011

Minifie van Schaik is designing a 10,000 room eco hotel for the Dehan Group in Xiayin town, Ji County, one hours drive east of Beijing airport. The hotel is taking the form of a seven hundred metre diameter circle nestled into a scenic valley. Within are enclosed winter gardens, rivers and a public transport network. An eccentric futuristic lookout tower provide a view of the complex, and the great wall beyond.


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