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Watch the construction of our design of the new RMIT Building 8 entrance!


Watch the time lapse of the entry steps under construction

watch the video here

Early works for RMIT's New Academic Street are already under way, with MvS Architects's new entry into building 8 which has reshaped how students access the building and opened up level 3 to the street scape. This is just the first step in a campus-wide revival of the existing buildings, with the goal to better integrate RMIT's Swanston Street buildings into a cohesive learning hub.

Video by Robert Morgans Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW, and Peter Maddison

?300&nolink Jan van Schaik Invited to Speak at DATUM: KL 2015


Datum is the largest architectural forum in south east asia - this years discourse will focus on “Placeness”

find out more about the conference here

We are pleased to announce that Jan van Schaik has been invited to speak on the concept of “Placeness” at DATUM: KL 2015. The discourse will be focused on the contradictions of place, and the paradox that conflicting identities can create in a place.

The conference will being running as part of Archidex 2015 in Kuala Lumpur and will run from 12th-15th August 2015.

Experience ASAC 2015 with Jan van Schaik


Jan van Schaik to run a workshop and MC the 2015 Australasian Student Architecture Congress

find out about the congress here

As part of this years Congress, “People”, Jan van Schaik will MC the Friday morning session, as well as leading an afternoon design workshop. The workshop will give student delegates from around the globe a chance to engage with Melbourne architects and their context.

This years Congress is focusing on how people shape architecture and how architecture can “investigate questions of spatial relations, architectural anthropology, humanitarian architecture, advocacy and intervention.” This year also marks the first year Melbourne has hosted the Congress since 1964.

The Orthodoxy of Place with Jan van Schaik


Jan van Schaik selected as keynote speaker for the Castlemaine State Festival

read about the symposium here

Jan van Schaik presented a paper questioning the orthodoxy of 'place' as the primary driver of the human interface of urbanism at the Terrains of Memory symposium as part of the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

The theme for this years festival was “Before and Beyond”, engaging with the moments in time which form intersections between the past and the present. Terrains of Memory explores how artists are able to intersect narrative and identity within regional landscapes.


Iconic Museum for Shepparton


New museum has enormous potential to change the face of Shepparton

read the article here
download the business case and provide feedback here

The feasibility study compiled by Simon McArthur Associates, MvS Architects and Maudie Palmer AO, shows that a new Shepparton Art Museum has the potential to reshape the economy of Shepparton and establish it as a regional hub for the arts, and in particular Indigenous art.

Alongside permanent glazed space for the entire existing ceramics collection would be a new home for the Indigenous Gallery Kaiela, as well as spaces for visiting artists to work and exhibit. Beside this would be the only children’s art space in regional Australia.

Large parts of the Shepparton Art Museum’s collection have not been shown in public, and the new museum would give the greater part of the collection a permanent home on display, along with a substantial new bequest. Function spaces and a community piazza alongside the gallery would cement this development as a cornerstone of Shepparton’s community culture.

Image by MvS Architects in the Shepparton News

st-arnaud-street-museum797-photo-by-jacqueline-mittelman-sm.jpg St Arnaud Street Museum launched!


The St Arnaud Street Museum is set to make waves this year with “Watertable” by James Geurts - the Street Museum is comprised of nine street-front exhibition spaces in to which this single work in nine parts has been curated.

The museum is the first of its kind in Victoria, and is a part of the St Arnaud Civic Precinct Plan commissioned by the Northern Grampians Shire and developed by MvS Architects with SGS Economics and Planning and Maudie Palmer AO.

“Watertable”, which will be on display in store windows across the town from January to March 2015, is the creation of James Geurts who resided in St. Arnaud from September to December 2014 as part of the St Arnaud Street Museum's Artist in Residence program.

Image by Jacqueline Mittelman

localheroes.jpg Local Heroes


MvS' Wattle Avenue House featured on Uncube Magazine's blog (Berlin).

read uncube magazine's blog post
read about the Wattle Avenue House on our website

Andrew Mackenzie revels in the antipodean architecture of Melbourne and beyond, naming Wattle Avenue house a 'Local Hero' among some of Victoria's most notable buildings.

Uncube Magazine,'Local Heroes,' written by Andrew Mackenzie.

hgnews.jpg Halls Gap Masterplan


Halls Gap procures a new grand scheme!

Read about the project on the shire website

We are very pleased to announce, that MvS Architects with SGS and Maudie Palmer AO has been selected by the Northern Grampians Shire to develop a Masterplan for Future Commercial Investment and Public Land Development in Halls Gap. The work will provide for integrated land use development solutions involving infrastructure improvements and investment opportunities within the designated precinct areas.

rmit_nas_2.jpg 'Urban Melbourne' review


RMIT NAS gets some air on 'Urban Melbourne' blog.

read about the New Academic Street on our website

read the blog post

The RMIT University New Academic Street project has been picked up by Laurance Dragomir of the 'Urban Melbourne' blog which outlines how the disruption to classes will be managed and describes how the project will open up the university to Swanston Street.

Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW and Peter Maddison, the new staircase is due to finish in 2015.


st_arnaud_street_museum.jpg St Arnaud in the lifestyle pages!


Read about the St Arnaud Street Museum and all the people involved in bringing it together.

read the article here on The Age website

read about James Guerts and Watertable here

St Arnaud has taken the first step in its revitalisation with the recently opened street museum bringing new life into the main street of the town. The town is focusing its energy on promoting local artists and talent, highlighting the importance of regional art in the area.

Under the joint guidance of Maudie Palmer AO, architect Jan van Schaik, and urban planner Mitra Anderson-Oliver, as well as local business owners and residents, the street museum has been a resounding success in drawing the public eye to St Arnaud and the work of resident artist James Geurts which is featured in shop fronts throughout the town.

The surge of activity in the area will continue with the renewal of a local hotel, a new restaurant, and an upgrade to the town hall which will include exhibition and studio space, alongside the artist-in-residence program.

Photo by Jan van Schaik

news.jpg One Step Closer!


New Academic Street early works commence.

read about the New Academic Street on our website

Demolition works at RMIT have begun with the cornerstone of the New Academic Street Project, a new entry stair, set for construction. As part of the early works package, the new staircase will provide pedestrian access from Swanston Street, up to Level 3 of B8, reducing pressure on the lifts and escalators and reinvigorating the once thriving facade of building 8.

Designed in conjunction with Lyons, NMBW, HAW and Peter Maddison, the new staircase is due to finish in early March 2015.

Descend into 'The Australian Ugliness' with Jan van Schaik


Jan van Schaik takes part in mass reading of Robin Boyd's 'The Australian Ugliness' at MPavilion

mpavillion website listen to the reading

Join Jan van Schaik at the newly established M pavillion next week, on Thursday 23rd of October at 12:00pm as he takes part in the readings and debate of Robyn Boyd's masterpiece 'The Australian Ugliness.' His reading will be part of Chapter 1, ’The Descent into Chaos. Please follow this link for details on the program and other readers….

Wattle Avenue House Spread in “Lunchbox Architect”


“Wattle Avenue House: A daggy cream brick house gets a modern makeover”

read more on our website

The Wattle Avenue House, for Stefano de Pieri and Donata Carrazza was featured on the residential architecture blog “Lunchbox Architect,” check it out here

Bold, Creative, Bright!


Share your vision for a future SAM.

click here to share your vision

The prospects for a new Shepparton Art Museum has been the 'talk of the town,' with Simon McArthur & Associates and MvS, encouraging the community to help shape a new art museum by describing what would encourage them to visit, whilst also voicing their opinion on the placement, contents and services to supplement the building. By engaging the people early on in the process, it's possible to establish a brief which is representative of the greater community, thus satisfying the needs of the community as a whole.

The feasibility project is due to be completed at the end of the year.
The Article 'Bold visions for future sought,' Bishop, J. Appeared in the Weekend News, 27/09/14

news_hevea_tower.jpg Hevea Tower


We've been slaving away on Hevea Tower, with iPartnership, and our efforts are really starting to pay off - she looks really good! The project is now live on our website, follow the link to see more.

read about the project on our website

The 17 storey tower complex, comprising of a day care nursery, police station, gym, cafeteria and office space, will serve as the Lembaga Getah Malaysia office headquarters. The building will perform as a one stop centre for the user, a multifunctional hub that will allow working parents to drop their kids at the nursery, pick up breakfast and head to the office – all within one route.

The building is due to commence construction in early 2015.

sani3.jpg Urban Design Conference Australia


SGS Economics & Planning presented the community building work we've been doing with them in St Arnaud

read about the project here

“Regional towns are in constant competition for visitors, and to attract and retain skilled, permanent populations. This project took an unconventional approach to Civic Precinct planning in the rural town of St Arnaud, embedding a multidisciplinary team in the town to tease out local narratives and use creative intervention as a catalyst for further action.”

Over the past nine months, SGS Economics & Planning, Maudie Palmer AO and MvS have been working on a new precinct plan for the old gold mining town of St Arnaud. Our works to date were presented last week by Mitra Anderson-Oliver and Dr Marcus Spiller at the 7th International Urban Design Conference in Adelaide.

Shepparton Art Museum


Simon McArthur & Associates and MvS to undertake feasibility study of a new Sheparton Art Museum

read about the project here

We are proud to announce that MvS have been selected to undertake a feasibility study for a possible new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM). MvS is working with Simon Mcarthur & associates to determine and assess the options for a new SAM.

“The business planning components of the overall study will provide advice about the substance, governance and form of a possible new SAM and its intended and potential impact in the region.”

The study will give insight to a new SAM's capacity, as a major cultural and educational tourist attraction, to drive forward an arts led economic and social growth for the region, greatly improving perceptions of Greater Shepparton as a place to visit, live and invest.

Alice Smith EP All Grown Up


The Alice Smith EP secondary school admin building begins to emerge from it's temporary scaffold skin as the project nears completion.

The Future is Here


MvS Exhibits 'Penumbra - A Facade Concept Protoype'
In Collaboration with Richard Blythe and Nick Williams

read about the project on our website
read about the exhibition

As an extension of our entry for the 'House of Fairytales,' Penumbra explores the design and fabrication of an active building skin system.

The exhibition is free and open untill the 11.10.2014.

Building 100, Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets

Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 12pm – 5pm

Alice Smith Before & After


Top: Digital Representation, Bottom: Photograph

read about the project on our website

Two years since it's conception, the Alice Smith JB primary school cafeteria and parents facility is on the brink of completion and is set to open in the first semester 2015.

Who ya gonna call?


MvS' proposed Swanston st entrance, New Academic Street, featured in The Age, 08/08/14 Benjamin Preiss, 'RMIT to bring grey ghosts back to life' p.10

read the article here

read about the project on our website

The 'very drear' RMIT buildings that are the Swanston and Franklin streets campus are set to be rejuvenated as part of RMIT's New Academic Street. The project will permeate the 1960's fortress creating a 'strong sense of an open porous campus,' accessible to not only students, but the public too. Our works to the Swanston street facade is inset in the image in the article above.

And Again!!!


The Age, 20/06/14 Dan Rule, 'Visions of Venice' pp.20

read the article here

The plethora of publications of our scheme for Venice continues, with 'The Age' the most recent to indulge.

mvsonidlnewsitem.jpg MvS featured on IDL


MvS' redesign of the Sydney Opera House aired on

read the article here

Our redesign of the Sydney Opera House featured in InDesignLive for 'Augmented Australia 1914-2014.'
To watch the animation of our project and the projects others involved in Augmented Australia please follow this link

Paul Minifie presents at 'Design IS Research'


Design is Research 2014 Lecture series, presented by the Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University

Campus Map

Please join Paul Minifie Thursday, July 17 from 6:30pm at the 'Design IS Research 2014' lecture series.
The event is free, however, registration is preferred. To register please follow this link

Architecture School Forum, Building 3B
Bond University, University Drive, Robina QLD 4229

interiordesignnetnewsitem.jpg MvS on

18/06/2014 feature 'Caught Unawares'

read the article here

International magazine, INTERIOR DESIGN, makes good use of our scheme for Augmented Australia on the cover of their sneak preview of the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture…

theconservation.jpg MvS featured on “The Conversation”


“The Conversation” writes up Augmented Australia headlining our redesign of the Sydney Opera house - our little dragon is getting quite a bit of traction…

read online

supertablenews.jpg Super Table


We've added a page on our website documenting Super Table in her beautiful new home:

read more about the project on our website

This luscious solid lumber ellipsoid timber table, held up by 5 decorative art deco-esque steel legs, is made from solid laminated European Pine and sealed with a satin finish. The super ellipse shape allows for six people to be generously seated without any one person separated from another by a corner.

Photo by Peter Bennetts

MvS Augments Australia


'The Augmented Australia App Launched'

read online

“The Australian Institute of Architects this week unveiled the new Augmented Australia app, the engine of the Australian exhibition at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.” As a pilot for the Venice Biennale, users will be able to experience 2 of the 22 projects available, including our own take on Jorn Utzon's Sydney Opera House, 'Caught unawares.'

Download Augmented Australia for free from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
Further instructions on how to use the app can be found here

MvS redesigns Opera House


'Apps virtual reality puts grand designs on the spot'

read online

'Some of the best buildings never built will be on show at this years Venice Architecture Biennale, via a smartphone app.' As part of the Australian Pavillion at the 14th Venice Architecture Bienalle,the user of the Augmented Australia smartphone app will be able to experience several unrealised works, including the 1958 Nervi cathedral designed for perth, Harry Seidler's 1952 olympic stadium design for Melbourne as well as our contemporary retake on the Sydney Opera House.

The Article appeared in The Australian Financial review, April 3rd.

Jan & Mildura


“Urban Scenarios,” architect VICTORIA

read online
download pdf

Jan ties up this year's summer edition of architect VICTORIA 'Urban Scenarios', with his article titled 'Mildura.' While recounting his own experiences within the city, Jan reflects on the ambitious relationships between architecture, urban shifts and the existing communities within Mildura.


Masterplan Adopted!


The LGM Masterplan,designed in collaboration with iPartnership, is located a midst the rubber plantations near Kuala Lumpur.

Read more about the project

The Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM, Malaysian Rubber Board,) has approved the proposed development that covers a landmass comparable to that of the Melbourne CBD. Spanning 2330 acres, the development includes a Research Centre, The Selangor Rubber College, The Hevea Tower Complex, Discovery Centre, Convention Centre and Boutique Hotel.

'Outside the Square'


Exciting plans are install for the future of St. Arnaud's town precinct.

read the article

The community meeting held in St. Arnaud last week, provided a wealth of discussion over the Town's new precinct redevelopment. Town planer Mitra Anderson-Oliver, Curator Maudie Palmer along with Jan van Schaik have spent a considerable amount of time assessing the community's needs and facilities in order to establish thoughts on the most suitable future uses and developments, making appropriate use of the town precinct's abundant potential.

Jan at Melbourne Now Speaker Series


ARM Architecture presents “Urban Renewal,” as part of the Blue Epoch Studio, RMIT. Saturday, February 1.

Ian Potter Centre: NGV-Federation Square (map)
read more

Join Jan van Schaik Saturday February 1 from 3pm as we hear from him along with Dimity Reed, Gretchen Wilkins, Emma Appleton & Marcus Westbury in ARM Architecture's blue foam alcove inside the Ian Potter Centre. Presented by ARM architecture as part of the Blue Epoch Studio, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT. This week the Melbourne Now Speaker Series looks at renewing the urban, as the studio alters its focus to the recently closed ford factory in Geelong.

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV-Federation Square is located at the cnr Flinders & Russel streets Melbourne.

RMIT's New Academic Street


“The New Academic Street project will reinvigorate and reinvent the heart of the RMIT City campus in Melbourne through a combination of renovation and new building work.”

watch the official introduction to the NAS
read more about the project on our website

New Academic Street (NAS) is an exciting combination of refurbishment and new-construction, that intends to enliven and reinvent the core of the RMIT City campus. The renovation will make permeable the existing buildings 8, 10, 12, 14 and 28 by creating public links between Swanston Street, Bowen Street and the recently completed Swanston academic Building (SAB) and Design Hub over multiple levels. The project includes improvements to the current Swanston library and upgrades to student services.

Designed in collaboration by Lyons, MvS, NMBW, HAW and Maddison Architects, the project is set to commence this year and will be completed in stages from 2015 to 2016.

MvS' Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre goes to air


Join Jan van Schaik and Luke Middleton as they take you on a guided tour of the award winning Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre for Channel 31's 'Sacred Spaces.'

read more about the project online
watch the episode online

The program will air Wednesday the 11th of December at 7pm on Channel 31 (Digital Channel 44)

“Lost Gems to Haunt Venice”


“Melbourne-based architects Minifie van Schaik's speculative contribution will probably make Jorn Utzon turn in his grave.”

read the full article
read more about the project on our website

In his article for the Age, Ray Edgar discusses next year's Venice architecture biennale as an opportunity, for selected Australian architects, to “reanimate the past, exploring what was and what could have been.- Australian architects are creating a series of ghostly delights for the 2014 Venice biennale. The projects will 'float' in St Mark's square at next years biennale.”

The article appeared in the Arts & Entertainment section of The Age on November 1st 2013.

MvS involved in promising development of St Arnaud


In an Article for the Age, by Sonia Harford, couple Samantha Pritchad and Peter Bloomfield's plans for a “major revamp” of the small heritage town, St Arnaud, into a “regional arts destination” are revealed.

read the full article online

“To date, St Arnaud has been best known for it's heritage and agriculture,” says Harford. “The mayor is behind it [the development] and the local paper reckons tourism will get a boost”

The couple intends to renovate the hotel and to build a contemporary art space behind it called the Museum of Sporting Art (MOSA). Bloomfield is an entrepreneur and artist who favours work of a sporting theme.

“The art gallery we're building will be designed by the architect Jan van Schaik,” Ms Pritchard says. “Gerald will do the food in the hotel, all local produce. He'll reopen the ballroom, and the upstairs rooms will be accommodation suites.”

A bit like the Dunkeld treatment then, but “more on the arts focus”, she says. “It's all about giving the town a bit of stickiness so people stop. Many people drive straight through St Arnaud because it's a thoroughfare to Mildura”

Photograph by Ken Irwin

MvS to exhibit at the Venice Biennale 2014


MvS is very excited to once again be exhibiting at the Vennice Architecture Biennale, 'Fundamentals'.

read more about the Venice Biennale 2014 here

This year the curators of the Australian Pavilion have fashioned the theme 'Absorbing Modernity; 1914 - 2012' which is centralized on the histories and fundamentals that are responsible for the evolution of national architectures over the past 100 years.

Our work, 'Caught Unawares,' which will be exhibited alongside the works of ten other Australian architects including, Ashton Raggat McDougall, LAVA, Lyons and others, entails a formal expression of a touristic journey through some well known members of the architectural cannon.

Image: “Caught Unawares”

“Embracing Inside and Out”


Wattle Avenue House has been featured in Stuart Harrison's exciting new book 'New Suburban' (Thames & Hudson)

read about the Wattle Avenue House on our website

“Mildura, like many regional centres in Australia, has a blanket of suburbia outside its core. A classic post-war suburban house in cream brick sits on this street corner and it has been reworked considerably to accommodate a local extended family. In doing so it has kept its fundamental character. Too often when houses like this are renewed the material quality of the brickwork is lost – rendered out of existence. The strategy here has been to add a clearly new extension to the existing house, to connect at a deeper level more akin to gene splicing.

“This insightful project works in the tradition of innovations in plan, but here the suburban house evolves into a new hybrid, one with the outside space - a courtyard - as its focus.”

Jan at REKA Conference 2013


Jan will be delivering the key-note address on Design Diversity at the 2013 inaugural international MIID conference in KL.

visit the MIIB REKA website

The Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) inaugural International Interior Design Conference, heralds the inception of the premier interior design conference of the region. Talented and award winning international designers from France, the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia will present their work, share ideas and explore the opportunities of pluralism and diversity in design.

Saturday 26 October 2013, 10.00am – 6.00pm Plenary Theatre | Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Jan discusses AFMACH


Please join Jan van Schaik and Paul Carter in an open discussion following Paul's presentation about the proposed Australian Felix Museum of Arts Culture & History (AFMACH) in Hamilton.

Paul Carter is Professor of Design at RMIT University, School of Architecture & Design. He is also an author of a wide range of publications and innovative projects. AFMACH aspires to be the catalyst for great things to happen in Hamilton and its region, and this open conversation is a way for the local community, and those beyond, to be involved in the process of the re-emergence of the region.

Hamilton Art Gallery | Thursday 29th August, 7:30pm

Melbourne Now!


We're very excited to have been invited to take part in Melbourne Now.

visit the Melbourne Now website

Melbourne Now celebrates the latest art, architecture, design, performance and cultural practice of Melbourne. The exhibition will reflect the complex cultural landscape that is creative Melbourne, and show how creative practitioners have contributed to the city's unique and dynamic identity.

In this exhibition which reaches across NGV Australia and NGV International, Melbourne will be represented as a dynamic centre for the production of, debate about, and participation in contemporary art, architecture, design and performance. MvS will join an ambitious program with over 120 other artists, architects, and projects.

Melbourne Now will run from 22nd November 2013 until 23rd March 2014 at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Photograph property of National Gallery of Victoria

Nite Art 2013


As part of Nite Art 2013, Jan van Schaik and artist Fiona Abicare will present our project Scandinavian Freestyle in a special public opening.

read more about the project on our website
visit the Nite Art website

Nite Art 2013 is a new art event and digital platform for Melbourne. For the first time on one night, Melburnians can experience simultaneous gallery openings and art walks across 21 well-known, cutting edge and experimental gallery and artist run spaces in the CBD and North Melbourne.

Scandinavian Freestyle was commissioned for the Hero Apartments in association with Fiona Abicare. Scandinavian Freestyle develops a language of materiality in response to the formal qualities and associated styles present within the foyer's interior. An emphasis on the ‘complete interior’ describes the process and project’s ambitions: to develop relations between art, décor, interior architecture and utility objects and present artistic material, configured in relationship to surrounding context and history.

Nite art is running on Wednesday July 24th from 6pm.
Scandinavian Freestyle will be open to the public between 6-10 pm. 118 Russell St, Melbourne

Photograph by Peter Bennetts

“An intimate experience”


We used to talk about love reviewed by the ABC

read the article online
read more about the project on our website

In an article for ABC online Lawrence Champness reviewed We used to talk about love, an exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Champness highlighted the redesign of the gallery space which was “built for a more intimate experience and emotional journey with this exhibition in mind…The intimacy of the space is certainly well matched by the art.”

MvS Architects collaborated with curator Natasha Bullock to architecturally reconfigure the Franco and Amina Belgiorno-Nettis and Family Contemporary Galleries within the Art Gallery of New South Wales to take the viewer on an emotional journey of mystery, discovery, pressure and release. The exhibition is now closed.

“Jan van Schaik to present at NEXUS 2013”


Jan van Schaik has been invited to speak a the 2013 Nexus, the Australia and New Zealand student Architecture Conference

read more about NEXUS on the conference website
download the NEXUS program here

Nexus is the largest student gathering in the architecture calandar and will present an opportunity to reflect on the past, experiment with the urban condition and imagine viable alternatives for what the city may come to mean.

'Speakers from Australia, New Zealand,the USA, Canada, France and the Netherlands will come together in Newcastle to present their experiences and thoughts on city and place making, associate experimental architecture, interdisciplinary practice and grass roots urban renewal'

On Thursday the 4th July, Jan will join Stuart Harrison (HAW, The Architects RRR), Ingrid Richard(Richards & Spence) and Adrian Spencce (Richards & Spence) in conversation at City Hall in Newcastle.

Nexus will be held in Newcastle between the 3rd - 6th of July.


“Convergence-transforming our future”


MvS has been invited to exhibit as part of “Convergence: transforming out future” an upcoming exhibition curated by Fleur Watson at the RMIT Design Hub

read more about the exhibition on the RMIT Design Hub website

“Convergence is a celebratory exhibition showcasing five years of world–class excellence within the Design Research at RMIT. Encompassing three major ‘Flagship’ practice groups – Future Fabric of Cities, Nexus and Mediated Cities – the exhibition collects and reflects upon past, present and future projects that offer a cutting-edge leadership position on global design research.”

The exhibition activates 3 floors of the Design Hub. Our project 'Cloudnets' can be found on the second floor, outside the elevators.

Cloudnets is an examination of the fundamental forces that shape cities. The premise of cloudnets is that cities are driven by a desire for connectivity. The richness of urban life derives from exchanging with as many other people as possible.

The exhibition will open on Thursday the 2nd of May at 6:00 pm and will run until Friday the 24th of May.
Gallery opening times: Monday to Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm, Saturday 4th May 10.00am – 6.00pm


Jan van Schaik to Co- Chair working group at ADC Future Summit on China


register for the summit online

On Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd of April Jan van Schaik will participate in the 9th annual ADC Future Summit at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne. This years Future Summit will focus on the critical issue of Australia's relationship with an evolving China. The theme of the summit, “China - where to from here? ” provides a timely opportunity for the exchange of ideas and insights on China's next phase in economic and political development.

Jan will co-Chair the Professional Services working group with Doug Ferguson, Partner in Charge China practice at CPMG.

MvS to exhibit in “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope”


MvS had been invited to exhibit as part of “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” an upcoming exhibition at RMIT Gallery.

read more about the exhibition on the RMIT website

Using Mindcraft as a visualisation tool our project is interested in re-imagining Bruno Taut's Die Stadtkrone (The City Crown) and Corrigan's iconic Building 8 on Swanston St.

Curated by Vanessa Gerrans, the exhibition will trace the “creative focus of this remarkable Australian architect, bringing to life many of his designs over four decades including architectural models and drawings by Edmond and Corrigan; set and costume designs for theatre; artworks, records and notations from his personal collection and key works selected from public collections which have enriched his practice.”

The exhibition opens Friday 12th April and will run at the RMIT Gallery until the 8th of June
Lobby given streamlined facelift


Scandinavian Freestyle profiled in The Age newspaper

read the full article online
read more about the project on our website

In his article for The Age, Stephen Crafti discusses Scandinavian Freestyle, a new entry lobby space designed for the Hero Apartments by MvS Architects in association with Fiona Abicare.

“Apartment lobbies are like a front door. But instead of being used by a few, the space is experienced by many, sometimes hundreds of people daily”

The article appeared in the property section of BusinessDay for The Age on April 3rd 2013.
Public Presentation at AIA awards


On March 24th Jan van Schaik and Fiona Abicare will present Scandinavian Freestyle to the Juries of the Australian Institute of Architects awards.

read more about the project on our website
Saturday presentation timetable
Sunday presentation timetable

This year 240 entries will be presented across a two day program. Each presentation will run for 8 minutes with a 2 minute opportunity for Q + A. The event is open to the public and will be held at MADA, Monash Art Design and Architecture Building G at the Monash University Caulfield Campus.

Scandinavian Freestyle is entered into 2 categories - Interior architecture which is scheduled for 1:15pm in studio 6 and Small project architecture which will be presented in studio 3 at 1:30pm.

The event provides to the public a good opportunity to learn about new projects being completed by Victoria's top architects and also provides the public an insight into how architects present their work to their peers.

Photograph by Peter Bennetts

Wetlands centre open days


Wetlands Centre opens to the public 1pm - 5pm Sundays

read about the project on our website
visit the Melbourne Water educational page for more information on opening times

Since the official opening in November 2012 the Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre has mainly been utilised by school groups as part of educational programs. In April 2013 the centre will open to the general public on Sundays.

On the second and fourth Sunday of the month the centre will be opened by the Friends of the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands (FESWI). Melbourne Water will open the centre every other Sunday.

Opening hours for the public are from 1pm - 5 pm Sundays.

Collaborating in curatorial Space


On March 12th Jan van Schaik will deliver a public lecture about We used to talk about love and the collaborative process of exhibition design.

read about the lecture on the UTS website
read about the project on our website

Co-presented by the Art Gallery of NSW and University of Technology Sydney, the lecture will form part of the Interior and Spatial Design public lecture serries held at UTS. Jan will discuss the We used to talk about love project as well as previous collaborations in contemporary art spaces, including the 2012 Adelaide Biennial.

The Curator and MvS Architects


Jan van Schaik and Natasha Bullock discuss the architectural reconfiguration of the Franco and Amina Belgionro-Nettis and Family Contemporary Galleries for “We used to talk about love” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

watch the video here
read about the exhibition on the AGNSW website

MvS Architects collaborated with Natasha Bullock to redesign the gallery spaces to take the viewer on an emotional journey of mystery, discovery, pressure and release. The journey is manifest in a series of interlinked rooms and corridors with new walls soaring high into the galleries coffered ceilings while compressed spaces are relieved by glimpses to the subsequent rooms. The collaboration has enabled the curatorial spread and the architecture to jointly provide a platform for seeing the artworks in a new way.

Curated by Bullock, the exhibition includes photography, photomedia, video, collage, sculpture and installation with works by Polly Borland (USA/Aus), Eliza Hutchison (Vic), Paul Knight (UK/Aus), Angelica Mesiti (France/Aus), David Noonan (UK/Aus), David Rosetzky (Vic), Darren Sylvester (Vic), Tim Silver (NSW), Glenn Sloggett (Vic), Grant Stevens (QLD) and Justene Williams (NSW).

The exhibition is open until the 21st of April 2013

Free admission

Paul Minifie to Chair Jury


Paul Minifie has been selected as Chair juror of the Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions category at this years Australian Institute of Architects awards

Saturday presentation timetable
Sunday presentation timetable

Paul will be joined by Simon Thorton (Simon and Feda Thornton Architects) and Sheree Proposch (Bates Smart) to review 26 projects in the Residential Alterations and Additions category.
The presentations are open to the public and will be held at Monash University Caulfield Campus on the 23rd and 24th of March.
In 2012 our project, Wattle Avenue House won the AIA Victorian award for Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions.
Scandinavian Freestyle


A stylish new entry lobby space has been designed for the Hero Apartments by MvS Architects and Fiona Abicare in association.

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Constructed in 1954, the former Russell Street Telephone Exchange & Post Office designed by the Commonwealth Department of Works is a unique multi-storey CBD building; the first to be completed after WW11 and the last to express the architectural traditions of solid masonry.

Influenced by European Modernism, in particular the Amsterdam School and Scandinavian Freestyle Classicism, the interlocking unadorned mass of cream-brick features in its 2001 re-development -Hero Apartments by Nonda Katsalidis Architects - via intersecting interior vertical planes, structural plates, and green columns.

'Scandinavian Freestyle' develops a language of materiality in relation to the formal qualities and associated styles present within the foyers’ interior. The project developed through a process of removing temporary structures, fixtures and adorning features. Through this process the foyer is activated by natural light and the spatial and material interconnectivities of its original forms. Objects were designed to enhance aesthetic experiences and for specific functions: seating and mail retrieval, while drapery, upholstery and artwork also present a functionality.

An emphasis on the ‘complete interior’ describes the process and project’s ambitions: to develop relations between art, décor, interior architecture and utility objects and present artistic material, configured in relationship to surrounding context and history.

Photograph by Peter Bennetts


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