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Mildura House Mildura Australia Architects: Minifie van Schaik
Australian Institute Award for Residential Alterations and Additions
29th June 2012

MvS Architects win an Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter award

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Wattle Avenue House, for Stefano de Pieri, Donata Carrazza and family, has been awarded an Australian Institute of Architects award for Residential Architecture Alterations and Additions. We would like to thank all those who worked on this project. We are honoured to have received this award, but quite sorry about all the imbibing on awards night.

Jury citation:
“A 'grotto' draws one into this house, setting up a sequence of tightly designed and richly decorated spaces with references to local landscapes and history. These are pivot points in the experience of visiting and living in the house, setting up a progression that works beautifully, as one space transitions into the next.

A modest, double-fronted cream brick-veneer house, typical of the 1960's, was the starting point of the project. The additional desired functions such as a guest room and entertainment spaces, have been accommodated within the single structure through an incredibly efficient rearrangement of the traditional three bedroom layout.

A courtyard brings in natural light, also making a protected centre that suits the local climate and is an alternative outdoor area to the productive backyard design. The carefully designed new insertions of timber, brick, and joinery lift this renovation to a high standard and despite its transformation, the house loses none of its original presence. In fact, the jury believes the humble origins of this project have been heightened and re-celebrated, yet with little fanfare or sign from the street.”