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New museum has enormous potential to change the face of Shepparton

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The feasibility study compiled by Simon McArthur Associates, MvS Architects and Maudie Palmer AO, shows that a new Shepparton Art Museum has the potential to reshape the economy of Shepparton and establish it as a regional hub for the arts, and in particular Indigenous art.

Alongside permanent glazed space for the entire existing ceramics collection would be a new home for the Indigenous Gallery Kaiela, as well as spaces for visiting artists to work and exhibit. Beside this would be the only children’s art space in regional Australia.

Large parts of the Shepparton Art Museum’s collection have not been shown in public, and the new museum would give the greater part of the collection a permanent home on display, along with a substantial new bequest. Function spaces and a community piazza alongside the gallery would cement this development as a cornerstone of Shepparton’s community culture.

Image by MvS Architects in the Shepparton News