Minifie van Schaik Architects
MvS Architects
Inspired by the Hides of Marsh
13th April 2012

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Joe Rollo has reviewed the Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Centre for The Age newspaper, highlighting our design's transformative qualities and its substantial and innovative sustainable design features.

Located in an urban wetlands, we designed the project to articulate the rich and complex relationship between human beings and the environment they inhabit.

“A new interpretive centre has now been completed right on the edge of the swamp that will no doubt transform the remnant wetland into a successful attraction for school and community groups, for whom it has been primarily built. Its designers, architects Minifie van Schaik, have produced a little building that dips its feet into the mud at the edge of the swamp, set on elegant conical piers raised above a 100-year flood level.”

“The strangely trapezoidal plan of the building allows for the creation of playful glazed corners and nooks, even a round spy-hole in the floor - kinds of bird hides - at which to stand and watch the birdlife unobserved.”

“Needless to say, the building is packed with sustainable features, including hydronic heating, a composting toilet system, stacked water tanks for thermal mass, vertical cross-ventilation between vents in the floor and ceiling, double glazing, self-shading windows and photovoltaic cells.”