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Jan van Schaik presents his Reflective Practice PhD


Jan van Schaik presents Bruegelage: Interrogations into nine concurrent creative practices

On Thursday the 4th of June Jan van Schaik completed the final examination for his Reflective Practice PhD with the RMIT School of Architecture & Design. A large crowd gathered in the main exhibition space of Level 2 of the RMIT Design Hub to view the two hour presentation chaired by Vivian Mitsogianni and examined by Peter Adsett and Peter McNeil.

Jan's research examines an experimental architectural practices and uncovers nine sub-practices within: design through explicit re-working of the propositions of other architects; design through less explicit re-working; design through implicit reference to everyday objects; design through intuition and explicit strategy; design through chunking and interrupting chunking; design through a deliberate pursuit of discomfort; design through abrogation of the author; advocacy as a design process; and a practice titled ‘fake-it until you make-it'.

The knowledge uncovered takes the form of: the idea that a selected community of peers can have influence over a creative practice by virtue of the knowledge of the existence of the peers; finding that the complexity of the intertwined nature of motivations, contexts, communities, collaborators, clients and random sources is an integral part of creative practice; the method of being able to become aware of this complexity without dismantling it; and the observation that any legitimate claim to authorship is placed amidst a conglomeration of legitimate claims by others.

The exhibition opens to the public at 5:00pm on the evening of Friday 5th June and remains open until June 17th during the normal RMIT Design Hub opening hours: Tue to Fri: 11am – 6pm | Sat: 12pm – 5pm