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MvS involved in promising development of St Arnaud


In an Article for the Age, by Sonia Harford, couple Samantha Pritchad and Peter Bloomfield's plans for a “major revamp” of the small heritage town, St Arnaud, into a “regional arts destination” are revealed.

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“To date, St Arnaud has been best known for it's heritage and agriculture,” says Harford. “The mayor is behind it [the development] and the local paper reckons tourism will get a boost”

The couple intends to renovate the hotel and to build a contemporary art space behind it called the Museum of Sporting Art (MOSA). Bloomfield is an entrepreneur and artist who favours work of a sporting theme.

“The art gallery we're building will be designed by the architect Jan van Schaik,” Ms Pritchard says. “Gerald will do the food in the hotel, all local produce. He'll reopen the ballroom, and the upstairs rooms will be accommodation suites.”

A bit like the Dunkeld treatment then, but “more on the arts focus”, she says. “It's all about giving the town a bit of stickiness so people stop. Many people drive straight through St Arnaud because it's a thoroughfare to Mildura”

Photograph by Ken Irwin