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Practice Research Floor Talks by Jan van Schaik and Georgia McCorkill


This week features two PRS floor talks by PhD candidates Jan van Schaik (13/06/15 & 16/06/15) and Georgia McCorkill (17/06/15)

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Jan van Schaik will lead a floor talk examining an experimental design practice that incorporates nine sub-practices: design through explicit re-working of the propositions of other architects; design through less explicit re-working; design through implicit reference to everyday objects; design through intuition and explicit strategy; design through chunking and interrupting chunking; design through a deliberate pursuit of discomfort; design through abrogation of the author; advocacy as a design process; and a practice titled ‘fake-it until you make-it’.

In this talk van Schaik will explain how a community of peers can have an influence over a creative practice without direct contact; how even the most random and unrelated events are an integral part of the creative process, and how to become aware of this phenomenon without dismantling it; and and the complexity of claim of ownership legitimacy.

Georgia McCorkill looks to discuss the creative practices behind the award winning special occasion dresses, and how the aspects of sustainability coincides with the context of 'one-off' design, while acknowledging the socially-grounded potential of these dresses. McCorkill will look at the relationship between the sustainability ideal and the poetic impulses of fashion design.

Jan van Schaik will present on Saturday the 13th and Tuesday the 16th of June at 12:30pm, and Georgia McCorkill will present on Wednesday the 17th of June at 2:00pm. Both Practice Research Floor Talks will be held in in Project Rooms 1 & 2, Level 2 of the Design Hub at RMIT University.

Photo by Ramesh Ayyar