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Sites offering Aussie farms to camp out


Jonathan Pearlman reviews the latest disruption to the travel industry in Australia, where farmers rent out underutilised portions of their land to holidaymakers - such as MvS Architects' Shacky's.

Shacky, enables farmers to offer tiny houses on remote properties to holidaymakers. The houses, which offer a stylish and comfortable experience for two people, come with towels, linen and other creature comforts. To facilitate JOMO (the loy of missing out) they have no Wi-Fi and often no phone reception. For a contracted period, Shacky carefully sites and installs tiny houses on idyllic agrarian land, farmers manage the day to running of the holiday offer, and the profits are shared equally. For guests, Shacky offers relief from the stresses of every day life, and gives farmers the opportunity to activate the capital value tied up in their land. Shacky plans to have an array of these tiny houses up and running by the middle of next year.

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