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“SPECULATIONS: Betting on Architecture” - PROCESS speaker series


On Monday 2nd October, Jan, Leon, Anna and Mon delve in to robust discourse and fervent SPECULATIONS as they unpack the concept of 'betting on architecture'.

Speakers will rethink and retool normative understandings on the city, its economies, policies, procurement models and architectural outputs. Making proposals is certainly no ‘safe’ nor neutral practice, having seen the risks of projecting utopian ideals into reality. Yet today, provocation is both a business model and a format to explore unchartered territories. Where does that leave us? When design, money and time pressures run high, how does one decide between a ‘good bet’ and a ‘gamble’?

In an age of relentless entrepreneurship, risk-aversion, multinationals and mass-media advocacy, architects and designers navigate multifaceted parameters, looking for contingencies and overlooked moments that belie our architectural landscape. Speakers will explore the machine behind and between the ideas; the moment of calculation before rolling the dice; the speculative faculties behind the decision-making impulse, and what opportunity for innovation and reward lie on the horizon.

Jan van Schaik - MvS Architects, WRITING & CONCEPTS, RMIT University.
Leon van Schaik - RMIT University.
Anna Fairbank - Architect + Artist.
Monique Woodward - WOWOWA.

When: Monday, October 2 at 6:30pm

Where: Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place Melbourne

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For more information about the series and the speakers, head to the Process facebook page

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