Minifie van Schaik Architects
MvS Architects
The Keys to Mildura
10th June 2010

Minifie van Schaik re-thinks Mildura's architectural image for “Emoh Ruo, GLOBAL PRACTICES OF AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE”

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Emoh Ruo ('Our Home' backwards) is an international traveling exhibition and publication. Presented by the Australian High Commission London and curated be Cameron Bruhn of Architecture Media. Six architectural firms were given a brief to rethink the mechanisms through which a city presents itself to the world through architecture, of which Minifie van Schaik's “Keys to Mildura” is one

Our scheme proposes four instances each of which is designed as a spark within the urban context of Mildura. Collectively these act as a masterplan but are small enough to for them to be kick-started without massive funding initiatives. The Rural City Retreat, The Orchard Seam, The Sports Spine and The Jolly Billabong were all chosen to bring to the foreground elements within Mildura which are highly successful yet are not strongly linked to its reputation.