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Halls Gap Masterplan

The Halls Gap Masterplan
The Norther Grampians Shire
Halls Gap, Victoria
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SGS Economics & Planning
Maudie Palmer A0

A master-plan for future commercial investment and public land development in a small and vibrant community nestled in the valley of the majestic Grampians mountain range.

This master-plan seeks to re-orient the thinking, planning and ideology of the town towards the majesty of the mountain range from which it has grown. The process involved a comprehensive audit of previous urban design frameworks, planning overlays and marketing plans, as well as a series of interviews with key stakeholder groups. It culminated in design workshops in which the community was guided to design its own future.

Recommendations arising from the report include the re-branding of the town around ‘walking’, an all-weather activity space and shire assistance in making the planning process more accessible.

The master-plan was presented to the broader community in February for feedback and will be presented to council for adoption and implementation in April 2015.