Minifie van Schaik Architects
MvS Architects
59A Bourke Street

City of Melbourne and The Ladder Group
Melbourne CBD
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This project addresses a shortage of housing for underprivileged youth in the Melbourne CBD and creates an enigmatic piece of architecture on a surprising site at the top end of Bourke St.

59a Bourke Street is located on a sliver of a site only 3m wide at the top end of Bourke street in Melbourne’s CBD.

A title search revealed that the site in fact extended an addition 3m into the adjacent lane.

Inspired by a recent trip to Tokyo we considered this an ample site and proposed a 21 apartment supported youth living complex to be funded by rental from a ground floor retail tenant and a 140m2 office above all access by a lift to the rear of the site and resolves an eyesore in the street.

This we presented to the City of Melbourne and the Ladder Group who are considering a partnership with Melbourne Affordable Housing to develop the project.