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Super Table

Super Table

A luscious solid lumber ellipsoid timber table with decorative art deco-esque steel legs.

This super ellipse shaped table is made from solid laminated European Pine and sealed with a satin finish. The shape allows for six people to be generously seated without any one person separated from another by a corner. The grain of the timber is turned upwards giving the surface a hue with delicate stripes that distort, as if at speed, as they navigate the angle at the table's edge.

The table's legs, of which there are five for good measure, are a speculative hybrid between an inverted art-deco tower and a Roman fasces finished in automotive black paint. At the base of each leg three large steel rods meet the floor, separated from it by a custom cut pad of black felt . Moving up the leg, to its zenith, the steel rods increase in number but decrease in diameter becoming a collection of delicate fingers holding up the heavy timber top. These fingers meet a plate and custom machined screw which enable the table's level to be adjusted by turning the entire leg.

The center piece of the table's composition is a diamond shape with its grain reversed whose dimensions record the original width of the single standard limber sheet from which the table is made.

Photographs by Peter Bennetts.