Minifie van Schaik Architects
MvS Architects
Te Wero Island

Auckland City Council
Auckland, New Zealand
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Te Wero Island is both a piece of civic infrastructure and a destination in its own right. MvS designed the project in conjunction with Arup and Opus as part of the Te Wero Bridge competition.

The island and associated bridge occupy a key location on Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. The fixed bridge which ties back to the Eastern viaduct provides an alternative but doesn't compete with the historic bridge. At the opposite end of the island the new operable bridge opens and closes to allow yachts to encircle it while connecting back to Gateway Plaza.

A section of timber deck is positioned centrally on the island and provides a location for night time cinema and public events. Surrounding the deck is a generous paved area into which picnic and wedding amphitheatres are recessed. Public transport facilities and emergency access points are cordoned from the public by bollards which double as seats and planters.

Te Wero Wero Walk which surrounds the island provides a multitude of experiences at the waters edge. At the North Western corner the walk cantilevers out over the water bringing visitor close to the berthed yachts. Along the length of the walk are positioned seats and kiosk, providing ample opportunities for visitors to rest and enjoy the harbour views.